Rasid Holding is a leading group in the field of investment and enjoys a long history of achievements and excellence. The company owns and manages a leading investment group specializing in various activities in several areas that contribute to achieving prosperity at the national level. The most prominent of them are digital financial transformation, information technology, debt and billing collection, e-marketing, financial investment, and many other businesses.


We take our values from our true Islamic religion, and we adhere to these values in all our services. We at Credit Holding really believe that our values are our identity and we strive to have this meaning present in all our dealings.

our vision

We are proud of our successful services that made us one of the best companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and we look forward to being active contributors to the renaissance of our region’s economy in the Gulf in particular and the Arab world in general

Our goals

We aim to provide the best quality services. Therefore, we set our sights on applying strategies to our services to achieve our future goals in line with the development of the economy in the world.

Over the course of its presence in the market, Rasid Holding has earned the respect and trust of all partners and customers. Relationships were consolidated, and these relations soon became one of the pillars of growth and prosperity for the group.